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We’re changing our name!

Dear All,

Recently, we held a consultation with our members and supporters about our upcoming name change. We’re now delighted to announce that from 1st July 2022 we will be known as MyVision Oxfordshire with the strapline: Supporting Visually Impaired People. For a number of years we knew that our old name was a barrier for people seeking to access our services. Many people felt put off by the word blind as they did not associate themselves as being blind, and others found the term ‘the blind’ derogatory. We are blind and visually impaired people, not the blind!

We now feel we have a name that is unique, positive, and personal. We are all individual and MyVision captures the fact that everyone’s visual impairment is different and everyone’s vision for their life is unique.

Over the coming months we will be transitioning to the new name, and branding, so please do bear with us whilst we journey through this time of change. Although our name is changing, our charity will remain the same – we will still support visually impaired adults and children in Oxfordshire and provide a range of services throughout the county. Our charity number and bank account details will also remain the same.

Don’t worry, you can still get in touch using our current contact details. If you would like any more information, please call our helpline on 01865 725 595 or email us at

Thank you so much for your support as we transition to MyVision Oxfordshire.

With best wishes

Mark Upton (Chief Executive)

Guy Lawfull (Chair of Trustees)

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