Oxfordshire Association for the Blind is fortunate to have a committed board of trustees who bring their professional job skills to aid the charity’s development:

Professor Adrian Hill (President)

Adrian, a longstanding trustee, Vice-President former chair and now President since September 2016.  A Professor of Optometry and former Head of Optometry at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Adrian’s experience of working with sight impaired people and his clinical knowledge has been invaluable in the development of the Association.

Mr David Warr (Chair)

David, a longstanding trustee, was elected as Chair in September 2016.  An experienced Architect, David guided the Association through it’s building of the new Resource Centre and continues to advise on issues connected with the facility and the general running of the Association.

Mr Guy Lawfull (Vice-Chair)

Guy became a trustee in November 2015 and elected Vice-Chair in September 2016. As an IT consultant and as a visually impaired person, Guy brings a personal understanding of visual impairment issues, gives guidance on the organisations IT systems, is a volunteer IT tutor and leads our ActivEyes group.

Mrs Yvonne Rainey, Trustee

Yvonne became a Trustee in 2014 and is a successful fundraiser working for a local consultancy.  She brings to the Association this expertise and also, as a mother of a sight impaired child, has a clear understanding of the issues faced by sight impaired children and their families.

Mrs Margaret Simpson, Trustee

Margaret was elected to the Board in September 2010.  With a long career in Social Care and a close knowledge of social and health care in Oxfordshire, Margaret brings to the Board a deep understanding of providing our sort of services in the local setting.

Mr Edward Pilling, Trustee

Edward was elected to the Board in September 2011.  As an experienced solicitor with a local practice, Edward is able to guide the Association in legal issues.  He also has experience of a family member with a visual impairment.

Mr Simon Cruden, Trustee

Simon was elected to the Board in September 2012.  As a Fundraiser, volunteer worker and as a visually impaired person, Simon brings a personal understanding of visual impairment issues and a wealth of fundraising experience to the Board.