Skydive for the Blind

Teresa Burnage from Drayton, near Abingdon, and her daughter, Jasmine, undertook a Tandem Skydive on 24 July to raise funds for OAB.

Teresa and Jasmine did their jumps at Hinton airfield, near Banbury, jumping from 13,000 ft and reaching speeds of up to 130 mph on descent!

Teresa, who has a visual impairment,  was pleased to have done the jump, but took a full 24 hours to recover.  Jasmine, meanwhile, upon landing immediately asked if she could do it again!

Teresa takes up the story:

Leaving the plane

“We had perfect weather on the day and all our nervousness disappeared as soon as we donned our jumpsuits. The instructors were fantastic and kept us calm throughout. The flight, jump and landing went without a hitch and the views were amazing!

Unfortunately, although my daughter came away wanting to do it again, I was rather ill afterwards – it was all in a good cause though, and worth the suffering!

Skydiving for OAB!On behalf of myself and my daughter I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated towards our skydive, raising funds for OAB”.

At OAB we are delighted that Teresa and Jasmine have gone to such lengths to support us.  They raised a magnificent £1,250, plus Gift Aid, which is a wonderful contribution to help our work with blind and partially sighted people across Oxfordshire. The money will be used to support the work we do with our groups for visually impaired people across the county.

It also demonstrates that visual impairment need not be a barrier to a very active (and adventurous) life.

To find out more about taking part in a Skydive for OAB, contact our Fundraising Team on 01865 725595 or at