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Reflections on learning to read and write braille

By Nathan Tree

Nathan reading braille

As you may have read in one my earlier posts, when the COVID-19 lockdown first happened, I took to learning to read and write braille. I have now completed both the RNIB Fingerprints course and the UEB online course, which means I have learned up to grade 2. I am growing ever confident with reading and writing braille since completing these course and am working to do what I can to integrate it into my life.

I am now using braille to:

  • Label items in my house such as spices in the kitchen and folders of paperwork.
  • Read physical books as well as digital books on an Orbit Reader 20 that I got from RNIB.
  • Label items for clients who are also braille readers
  • Controlling my iPhone
  • Assist in teaching the parents of blind and VI children with LOOK UK.

When it comes to developments in technology, there are some great additions such as screen readers, voice assistants and powerful digital magnifiers, I still think that braille has its place in literacy and in functionality. I hope to be able to read out loud to my future children as opposed to a digital voice doing so.

If any OAB clients would like to learn braille, we have a few copies of the Fingerprints course and I am happy to help where possible.

 If you have any questions please contact me on 01865 725595 of email

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