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Questions related to Eye Health? Ask the Expert!

This Eye Health Week we’re launching our new series ‘Ask the Expert’.

The treatment of eye conditions has changed radically because of the Covid-19 pandemic, with many patients confused about how their own treatment will be handled. To help address these concerns and the lack of readily available information for patients and their families, we’re luanching our ‘Ask The Expert’ campaign to allow patients the opportunity to have their questions answered by leading specialists in the field.

Their first video session will feature consultant ophthalmologist and cataract and glaucoma surgeon, Dr Gurjeet Jutley.

The first session will look at how glaucoma and cataracts are being treated during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well answering questions submitted by members of the public. It will also explore wider ophthalmology topics.

Mark Upton, Client Services Manager said:

“Because of Covid-19 there have been a lot of changes in society and particularly health care. With many eye hospital appointments being cancelled and changes to the way the hospital services work, it has left many people unsure of the future of eye care and how this relates to Covid-19. This is a great opportunity for people to ask an ophthalmologist questions they have about eye care, eye health and hospital services.” 

The series is being launched at a time when many ophthalmologists have been growing concerned that people with potentially serious conditions have been reluctant to seek treatment, resulting in their conditions getting worse.

Patients have deferred making appointments, worried about the increased risk of catching the disease.  People with conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts in particular have struggled to find information about how their condition will be treated during the pandemic.

The initial video will feature Mark Upton, Client Services Manager, asking questions to Dr Jutley, and it’s an opportunity for anyone with questions or concerns to have them answered by one of the UK’s leading eye specialists.

Dr Jutley is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon based at Oxford University Hospital. He has sub-speciality interests in complex cataract surgery and glaucoma. Since 2018 he has been Oxford University Hospital’s glaucoma expert. He provides treatment including conventional glaucoma surgery, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery and laser treatments.  He is a trustee of The Oxfordshire Association for The Blind, where he runs regular teaching sessions.

To find out more about Dr Gurjeet Jutley visit:

Dr Jutley is looking forward to answering any questions you might have about your treatment or general eye health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Questions for Dr Jutley can be submitted via social media by 5th October at OAB Facebook and OAB Twitter @OxonBlind, or by calling 01865 725595, emailing

The recording will go live in early October on OAB’s social plattforms and website.

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