Oxfordshire Association for the Blind

IMPORTANT! Our resource centre is now closed due to the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 outbreak

From 17th March 2020 our resource centre has been closed to the public and all our face-to-face services and activities are suspended until further notice.

However, our telephone and email support services ill still be operating.

If you are in need or would like to chat to a member of the team please call us on either 01865 725595 or 07936 341444; please leave your name and a contact number and we will call you back (we realise that calling a mobile number can be expensive!). Alternatively, email info@oxeyes.org.uk or MarkUpton@oxeyes.org.uk.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind (OAB) is a life-enhancing charity supporting children and adults who are blind or partially sighted throughout Oxfordshire.

Sight loss can be a devastating and challenging reality for thousands of people in our local communities and OAB is committed to promoting independence and opportunities for people with severe or partial sight impairments, and in helping them and their carers to access any support they may need.

OAB advises on and provides services and equipment that enable Visually Impaired People to live independent lives.

Modern technology and greater awareness have encouraged a generation of visually impaired people to seek out new and innovative ways to overcome the restrictions of sight loss. OAB has moved to respond to these exciting challenges.

We have a small team of staff supported by a number of dedicated volunteers. Despite being few in number we aim to support any of the estimated 21,000 people in the county with visual impairment.

The trustees of the charity are unpaid volunteers who bring their professional job skills to aid the charity’s development.  A volunteer reference group of Visually Impaired People and a carer give their valuable time to advise OAB on relevant issues.

From our long experience in the county, we know that the numbers of visually impaired people, and their carers, seeking our help will only increase and raising the necessary funds over the long term is key to our success. You can help us do that in a number of ways so please visit our Helping OAB page to find out how.

If you are having trouble viewing this site please contact us for technical support on 01865 725595.

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