National Braille Week

National Braille Week

How learning Grade 1 Braille can help you on a daily basis

You may have heard of braille, that series of dots that sometime pops up on packaging or in a lift. You may even had seen David Blunkett dancing his fingers over the paper as he speaks in public. It may seem like a challenge to learn, but you can do quite a lot with braille by learning the basics.

As braille is presented in 6 dots, there is a limited number of signs that can be used. There are 26 signs for the letters of the alphabet and these are the same for capitals with a different sign before them. The letters A to J even represent numbers with another sign before them. So by learning 28 symbols you can do the whole alphabet, capitals and numbers, which is 49 character in the English language.

Picking up the braille alphabet is not as difficult as learning 26 symbols, as it follows a pattern of 10 symbols from A to J. Once you learn these you can pick up the rest, with the exception of  W as this letter didn’t exist in France when the system was developed. Learning all this won’t have you reading a novel right away, but this is a very useful skill for a number of reason’s.

You can recognise medication

Most medications in the UK are printed with grade 1 braille. Knowing how to read this could prevent you from taking the

You can label items

Sometimes it can be tricky to remember everything in your environment, Some basic braille labels can help trigger memory and locate what you are looking for. Try adding labels to spice containers for cooking.

You can find your floor in the lift

Self explanatory, many lifts have the floor numbers in braille.

You can play games

It is possible to get playing cards with braille embossed on them as well as Scrabble and many others.

Locate items in the supermarket

The Co-Op has braille embossed on many of their own brand products. Try and locate the Belgian Chocolate Eclairs as a treat.

We will be running an introduction to braille course at Bradbury Lodge on Tuesday 18th of January 2022 at 2pm.

If you would like to learn more about how you can learn this skill you can get in touch with us on 01865 725595 or email

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