A family photo of lucy and margot

Remembering Mum

by Lucy Linczyc 

My beloved mother, Margot Linczyc, was a supporter of OAB for the 12 years that she lived in her flat in Oxford. 

During this time she enjoyed the wonderful assistance from the team at the OAB with equipment, which included magnifiers, boom box, games and watches from their extensive stock. This was coupled with useful advice from the amazing team.  

When she could no longer visit the centre, a regular volunteer, Thomas, would come and read to her and keep her up to date with all the world news. He brought joy and entertainment to her for which we were extremely grateful.  

Sadly, in 2015, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s brought a lot of additional stress to the family, and as her daughter, I appreciated the support offered to myself during these difficult times.

Mum lost her battle in February at the age of 94. Through our grief, we knew that one of her main wishes was that we donated to the centre her fantastic Optelec talking text enlarger and previous Visio magnifier along with all the other useful equipment gathered over the years.  

Mum would be delighted to hear that other members will benefit from her equipment and would encourage other families to consider doing the same.  Every little donation helps someone else at the centre!

Thank you OAB for being there for my Mum and I. 
Your support over the years has been invaluable to us. 
Bringing happiness, laughter and support.
You gave us strength and we wish you all continued success in the future.  

You are an incredible resource which deserves praise.  

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