Let’s talk tech

The past twelve months have really highlighted the capability pf technology with increased usage of video calls, online delivery and content streaming, which a lot of the population have taken into their stride. However, there are a lot of people who do not have the hardware or the know-how to be able to access the information and services that connectivity can bring.

According to the NHS,  4.8 million people never go online at all and people with a disability are 35% less likely to have essential digital skills for life.

At OAB we are aware that this is the case with some of our clients and we want to make a difference. There are plenty of ways that you can begin accessing technology that don’t involve a lot of investment or knowledge, just some time and a positive attitude.

We can help with:

– Equipment (Tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, computers)

– Accessibility (Contrast, magnification, voice assistants, screen readers)

– Apps and functions (Email, Office, Video calling)

– VI specific software (VoiceOver, TalkBack, Dolphin Guide and Supernova, Zoomtext, Narrator)

– Recommending other services like RNIB and AbilityNet.

We can offer phone and online sessions and hope to resume in person training as soon as we can.

For more information call our helpline on 01865 725595 and ask to speak to Nathan or email info@oxeyes.org.uk.

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