James Hart Recipes: Black Forest Cheese Cake

James Hart is an OAB client who is also a professional caterer. Until recently he was running is own business called Delicious who catered weddings and other events tp a high standard.
James has decided to take a step back from the fast-paced and demanding world of catering as he comes to terms with vision loss and aims to figure out where he wants to take his life next.
He has generously offered to share some of his favourite recipes with us so you can try them at home. We encourage you to try them out and be sure to ask us for help with equipment and techniques if your vision limits you in any way.
For the first instalment he has chosen to go for a delightful dessert, Black forest cheese cake.

Portions: 8

150g cream cheese
600ml of double cream
3 tea spoons caster sugar
1 400g pack of chocolate digestives
125g of salted butter
840g tin large pitted black cherries
2 Cadbury flakes

1 large mixing bowl
2 wooden spoons
Rolling pin
1 tea spoon
1 sauce pan
1 cheese cake tin with spring side
Mixer and blender

Base cheese cake
Empty the biscuits into the bowl and crush them using the rolling pin to bread crumbs.
Put butter in pan to heat up and melt, not boil, just to melt.
Add butter to the crushed biscuit crumbs and stir all in.
Put the mix in the tin and flatten using fingers. Even it all out.
Then put tin in fridge for half an hour to start setting.

Cheese cake base

Cheese cake filling

Pour double cream into the bowl, add two tea spoons of caster sugar and whisk it until thick, not over whisked.
Add cream cheese, whisk another 30 seconds.

Empty contents of the tin of cherries into saucepan, take out 12 for decorating and put them aside.
Add 4 table spoons of caster sugar.
Boil the cherries and juice for 15 to 20 minutes until reduced and thickened up, with a mixer. Just buzz the cherries to break them up a little. Leave a few hole. When done leave to go cold. Put in fridge for one hour.

After an hour cold fold the cherries into cream mix should be thick and creamy when folded in.
Take the base out of the fridge add the cherry cream cheese mix over base and level over using the back of a wooden soon. Place in the fridge for four hours.

Add cherries and break up flakes for decorating.

A Black Forest Cheese Cake

Have you tried making this? Send your pictures to info@oxeyes.org.uk.

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