Visual Impairment Awareness Training

Visual Impairment Awareness Training

OAB runs training courses that help people to understand how it may affect someone to live with sight loss. These sessions give sighted participants the knowledge and confidence to offer effective assistance to those with visual impairments.

We have provided awareness training to organisations across Oxfordshire, from the NHS, Town & Parish Councils and large care providers to small voluntary sector groups. Our workshops are highly regarded. Recent comments include:

We have several clients who will benefit immensely from heightened awareness.’

(Participants) all brought something away from this and will probably be talking about it for some time to come.

‘… a good insight into understanding the needs of people with a visual impairment.’

Workshops are tailored to individual requirements but often include insight into how different eye conditions may impact on people’s everyday lives; practical tips on assisting someone with a visual impairment and helping them be as independent as possible; a practical introduction to sighted guiding; some of the adaptations, equipment and daily living aids that facilitate independence.

These are practical workshops, with a mixture of information and activities. The sessions can take place at your premises, in which case your own work environment can be incorporated into the training, or at OAB.

For more information, please download the leaflet on OAB Awareness Training using the link below, phone 01865 725595 or email:

OAB awareness training

OAB awareness training PDF

Awareness training price list

Awareness training price list PDF

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