Equipment & Personal Aids Guide

Equipment Guide

There is a wide range of equipment and visual aids available for people with a visual impairment, from talking clocks and watches to large-print crosswords and computer-based reading equipment.

OAB can offer you free and impartial advice on all of this equipment: face-to-face, on the telephone, or by letter or email.  Our aim is to help minimise the effect that your visual impairment has on your life so that you can live as actively and independently as possible.

Our Equipment Guide provides an overview of the types of equipment that we supply and if you would like further detailed advice and/or a demonstration please call

01865 725595 to make an appointment so that we can ensure one of our experienced advisors will be available to assist you when you attend.

 Please contact us for an up to date version of our equipment guide.

Although we stock a range of hand-held magnifiers, we always encourage our service users to arrange an appointment, either with their community optometrist (optician) or an ophthalmologist, to determine whether their eye condition can be helped by standard optical or medical means. This is important because some eye conditions resulting in poor sight are progressive and can benefit from appropriate medical treatment. To be seen by an ophthalmologist you will need first to have been referred by your local doctor.

If you are seen at the Oxford Eye Hospital and need a special assessment of your reduced vision, you will be referred to the low vision service in the Optometry Department at the hospital.  Once that is done we will be able to supply the correct magnifier for your needs and also demonstrate alternative electronic aids to vision that may be of benefit.

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