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Many people who become visually impaired experience a time of grieving; this is natural but it need not persist. With help towards re-adjustment, it is possible to continue one’s life and enjoy pastimes and hobbies, new and old.

Please call OAB’s helpline on 01865 725595 to arrange an appointment at Bradbury Lodge or to speak with somebody for advice.  Our opening hours are 10am – 3pm, Monday to Friday.

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From a practical point of view, a few simple changes may be all that’s required. For example, making sure that things are kept in a certain place and returned there after use, or making sure there is ample light, avoiding glare and using colour and textural contrast. On occasions, magnifying or telescopic lenses can be helpful and perhaps other more specialised equipment such as liquid level indicators, talking telephones or other devices may be appropriate.

Take a look at our Equipment Guide which gives more information about the aids that are available.

Equipment Guide

Visually impaired people will continue to benefit as technology advances and becomes more user-friendly, enabling everyone to keep in touch, stay informed and cope with the increasing demands of life.

Ultimately, although visual impairment and blindness are serious, life-changing conditions, with the right help and support, and a willingness to accept a challenge, the feelings of loss and its implications can be overcome. People with visual impairment can continue to enjoy an independent and fulfilling lifestyle. OAB is an independent, local charity specifically dedicated to helping such people achieve this goal, so please feel free to contact us if you would like any advice and support.

Our friendly staff and volunteer teams are here to help you through the many difficulties that you may experience due to your visual impairment.

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