Fundraiser Profile: Andy Smith

We are always excited when our clients go out of their way to raise money for us. So we thought we would write a profile on our website to tell you a bit about our latest fundraiser.

Name: Andy Smith
Age: 42
From: Banbury
Sight Condition: Congenital Nystagmus, long sightedness and astigmatism
Event details: The Manchester Marathon on Oct 10th 2021

Why are you doing this?
I’m running it to challenge myself and to raise some money for OAB as I’ve been supported by them throughout my life.
What is the furthest you have ever run?
The furthest I have run so far is the distance of a half marathon – 13.1 miles

How do you train?
I train by running routes I know and by running up hills to get strength into my legs. Nearer the event I wull follow a training plan to increase the distance I run but for now I’m concentrating on keeping a base level of fitness and strength over the winter. I run most of the time alone but I have a friend who comes with me and we do longer runs together.

How often do you train?
I run 3 times a week at the moment and try to get 30 to 40 km in a week for the time being.

How does your vision affect your training?
My vision does affect me when I’m running as I find it hard to see uneven bits on the path. I also find it hard to judge distances and speed so when I’m crossing a road i have to stop so this messes up my rhythm a bit.

Are you being supported?
I’m getting support from my friend Rachel who is a mad ultra runner. She is helping me with my running plans and taking me out to different places such as Draycote water where we can run loops of the lake which is 4.5 miles around and its on a path that is pretty even with no traffic.
My wife and family are also supporting me by encouraging me and taking me to the event.

Andy after a run with his friend Rachel

What would you say to any VI people who want to start running?
I’d encourage VI people to go running. it’s great not just for fitness but getting outside and fresh air is so beneficial to mental health. I always feel good after a run. I’d say go and try a parkrun, a 5km run or walk they are well marshalled and people are always supportive and encouraging.

You can support Andy by sponsoring him at

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