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Research News from Oxford Eye Hospital

The Eye Research Group Oxford (ERGO) was established in 2008 to support research in the Oxford Eye Hospital from small local projects to larger international studies.  

Many of our participant facing studies were paused during the coronavirus pandemic and most of our research staff were redeployed to help with vital covid research. However, eye research is now gradually returning to normal activity. Many studies involving patient participants are back up and running. 

We have many different studies and clinical trials taking place, investigating different many aspects of vision. For example, we have a study investigating the impact of vision loss on sleep quality and whether we can help improve this. Other studies investigating how to improve ways of testing vision, as well as the introduction of paperless healthcare alongside new treatments for eye disease.

Our aim going forward is to write regular articles to keep you updated with the exciting research activities and advances. We plan to do this in the future by selecting a ‘study of special interest’ in order to raise awareness of the extent of our work. OAB members may find a study in which they could participate!

If you would like to get involved with any of our up-coming studies, please get in touch

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