Daniel’s Tandem Story

Taking on the Tandem challenge

We chatted to Daniel, to find out a bit more about why he is taking part in the Tandem challenge this year.

Why have you decided to take on the Tandem Cycle Challenge?

Both me and my wife fell in love with tandem riding last year so when we were offered a spot to take up this challenge, we felt this is an opportunity we cannot let go.

Why have you chosen to support OAB?

OAB is technically the organisation that got us onto a tandem bike. The feeling of being able to cycle again after so many years was unbelievable.

I have had a visual impairment since I have been young, but last year it got considerably worse, OAB were able to provide advice and support at a very scary time. Since then, I have become a member of their fundraising committee and am excited to take part in the Tandem challenge.

How have OAB supported you?

After immigrating to the UK from South Africa my visual impairment took a real turn for the worse. No matter when I needed a bit of advice, OAB were always there to point me in the right direction.

What would you say to someone else thinking about taking on a challenge event? 

I would say, let me complete this one as it’s my first one (with a smile on my face) however don’t forget the purpose of the challenge in the first place.

Why should people donate?

I’ve experienced first hand how life changing this organisation can be and the more people donate the greater impact they will have on others in the same position I was in.

Many many years had passed by without me ever thinking of getting onto a bicycle. My visual impairment would not allow me to entertain the idea of me cycling. This all changed when OAB helped me to get hold of a tandem bike. What started off as a hysterical comedy show for my daughter’s watching myself and Marlene learn to pull off and break, ended in countless hours of precious family time riding with our two daughters. 

Our ambition since has always been to take on the OAB Tandem Challenge. Although the 22km is a distance we are yet to conquer, it is also a challenge motivated by the generosity of everyone that contributes towards this event. 

So I am asking that you please donate generously and  help me and Marlene achieve this challenge and know that you have contributed to such a worthy organisation but at the same time, help me to create that awareness that although a disability does present its own challenges, it should not prevent you from experiencing the feeling of freedom when achieving your goals. 

Thank you.

You can find Daniel’s fundraising page here

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