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Colin Dexter OBE opens new Resource Centre for local Visually Impaired People

Judith Wood, Senior Sight Advisor, with Colin Dexter OBEIt’s hard to believe that for so many years Oxfordshire-based people who are visually impaired have been visiting us in a small, cramped and cold portable cabin in our car park!

We are thrilled to open the new Campoli Centre with the county’s largest range of specialist equipment for visually impaired people, where we can offer information and demonstrations using the latest technology and life-enhancing gadgets.

There is a kitchen suite for visually impaired people to practice safely tasks which most of us undertake on a daily basis, such as using an oven or making a cup of tea.  Learning these skills can often be the difference between a visually impaired person being able to live independently or not.

Judith Wood, our Senior Sight Advisor and Specialist Counsellor, is also on-hand to support individuals and their carers following the emotional trauma and devastation that the deterioration and loss of sight can have.

This opening follows two years of fundraising and marks the completion of the first phase of the building works.  Colin Dexter OBE, who has championed the appeal, joined The. Rt. Hon. The Countess of Macclesfield on 21st June 2012 to open the new facility which has been designed with accessibility in mind.

This landmark is cause for celebration.  However the fundraising efforts must continue in order to meet the costs of fully equipping the new building and to begin offering a range of new and desperately needed services to help people who are visually impaired, of all ages, across our rural county.

If you would like to make an appoinment to visit the Centre, we would be delighted to welcome you.  Please call us on 01865 725595 for more information and to book your place.