Three children holding guinea pigs

Children and Young People Update

Three children holding guinea pigs
Three children holding guinea pigs

As you read this, the summer holidays are probably starting and another school year has finished. Some of our children and young people have done exams and are awaiting results and some will be changing schools in September or going to university. We wish each one the very best and if we can be of any help at all, please do contact us.

It’s been a fun year so far which started in January (no surprise there!) with Robin Hood – and all the traditional ingredients of a pantomime! We braved the threat of Covid and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Being stuck inside with young ones is quite a challenge so I think it was just good for everyone to get out.

Then in February we hit the ice – for some of us literally –  at the ice rink in Oxford! It was a first for a few but with the wonderful help of the university ice hockey players who volunteered, we could make sure there was one-to-one help. We all improved and felt more confident by the end. It was all quite chaotic and quite a relief when we got to the end with lots of smiles and very few injuries!

In April, we had an outdoor day at Millets. After putting up tents and crossing a swamp, we make shelters from logs. Of course, we had an inevitable Easter Egg hunt too! We ate around a campfire and toasted marshmallows. Everyone was full of the spirit of adventure! We also went to Cogges Farm in Witney and cuddled rabbits, chicks and guinea pigs before making Welsh cakes in the 13th (or 12th?) century kitchen. I was just happy we didn’t burn it down! It was a really relaxing and pleasant day.

In May, Banbury museum hosted us so we could explore their ‘Your Amazing Brain’ exhibition and learn how truly amazing our brains are! We even tried making a neuron or two with plasticine but I can’t remember the names of the things joining the neurons together! Shame about my brain really but the youngsters absorbed it all. We also went back to Millets but this time to the Falconry centre where we could hold a bird of prey and feed the mischievous meerkats which ran all over us in an effort to get more food. The flying display was also very informative as there was a full commentary.

So all in all, a great start to the year. The tennis club is still going well despite predictable cancellations early in the year for the weather. The youngsters are showing progress and we enjoy ourselves each week which is the main aim. The summer promises to be very busy. I know, you’re thinking how blessed I am to have such a great job and so am I!  To find out more about our upcoming events please email

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