Oxford Museum of Natural History

Audio-only exhibitions at Oxford Museum of Natural History

The Oxford Museum of Natural History are looking to create an audio-only exhibition that will showcase some of the cutting edge research from Oxford University, with an artistic spin. Listeners can expect to hear researchers speak about scientific ideas and experiments, alongside descriptions of objects, poetry, music and soundscapes. 

What we would like you to do: We would like blind and partially sighted people that enjoy immersing themselves in art or science topics. You will be sent a brief questionnaire and be invited to listen to clips of audio, with a few general questions in mind, and give your feedback to our museum team via a phone or video meeting. If you are interested in helping us to shape the initial ideas for the exhibition content then please contact Susan Griffiths at susan.griffiths@glam.ox.ac.uk or on 07595 612735 by the 25th November. 

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