Access Keys

Available Access Keys:

  • 0 – Home Page
  • 1 – Search Page
  • 2 – Skip to Main Content
  • 3 – Jump to Top of Page
  • 4 – Helping You
  • 5 – Helping OAB
  • 6 – News and Events
  • 7 – Contact Us
  • 8 – Newletter
  • 9 – Sitemap
Web BrowserModifierEffectNotes
Amaya^ Ctrl or Alt Adjustable in preferences
BlazerNoneElement is activated immediately upon key press.No modifier is needed for this web browser used on mobile devices.
Camino^ Ctrl  
Chrome Alt on Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux (Note: Alt+ Shift is required in some circumstances)^ Ctrl + Opt on Mac Supported in versions of Chrome >2.x
Firefox Alt+ Shift on Windows, FreeBSD and Linux^ Ctrl on Mac (up to v14.0)
^ Ctrl+ Opt on Mac (v14.0.1 and higher)
 Prior to version 2, Firefox used just Alt;
configurable via
Internet Explorer AltPrior to IE8, Alt + Access Key focused on the element, but required Enter to be pressed in order to activate the element. This is still the case for hyperlinks in version 9. Alt+D cannot be used as an access key in IE 7 or above.
Konqueror^ CtrlThe modifier key must be released before the regular key is pressed. 
OperaNone ( Shift+ Esc) must be pressed beforeThe modifier key must be released before the regular key is pressed. Once the modifier key is released, browser lists the set of access keys on that page with action and user can hit the desired key.Configurable via Graphical user interface
Safari 3^ Ctrl for Mac Alt for Windows  
Safari 4 and higher^ Ctrl+ Opt on Mac Alt on Windows 
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