22 mile sponsored tandem event

Our challenge:

There are 22,000 visually impaired people in Oxfordshire. We aim to ride in tandem 22 miles to raise money for the Oxfordshire Association for the Blind (OAB) – so that thousands of people with sight loss can reach their own goals every single day.
It takes two to tandem:
Several keen duos will ride to raise this much needed funding. Each team involves a visually impaired stoker and a sighted pilot and aims to cycle 22 miles. Read more about our cyclist’s stories and the OAB charity below.
Please sponsor our challenge. We value any contribution, large or small.

Savita’s story:

My name is Savita and I enjoy cycling. I feel very lucky to have discovered this sport at a fairly late stage in my life, when I had already lost my sight. This was only possible thanks to OAB and their partnership with the charity Wheels for All.
I have RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that leads to blindness) and have been totally blind for the past ten years. I am a life member of OAB. OAB is a vital support organisation for me and so many other visually impaired people in Oxfordshire. It has benefited me in many ways, it has introduced me to new activities , such as cycling, and to new friendships. Janet is a volunteer at OAB and is the pilot on the tandem, I am the stoker. We cycle every week and have become good friends.

Mark’s story:

“I’m taking part in the tandem challenge to raise vital funds for Oxfordshire Association for the Blind (OAB). As a visually impaired person myself I know first-hand how necessary local support and opportunities are for blind and partially sighted people. I am, sadly, not that fit, so 22 miles around Horspath track on the back of a tandem will certainly be a challenge for myself and my poor front rider! Please give generously, charities have suffered a big hit since the pandemic, but our services have never been more needed.” – Mark Upton, Chief Executive, OAB.

Nathan’s story:

“The Oxfordshire Association for the Blind means the world to me and I like to take on challenges to try and give back some of the help I have received. I have done some tandem cycling in the past when I raced triathlons but I have never cycled more than 20km, so 22 miles will be a stretch! I look forward to the challenge and hope that my legs survive.” – Nathan Tree, Client Advice Officer OAB.

Why the OAB is important:

Oxfordshire Association for the Blind helps blind and partially sighted adults and children in Oxfordshire to be as independent as possible and to live fulfilled lives. Money raised from this challenge will help fund many crucial services including: information and advice, social and emotional support, accessibility and technology advice and training. These services have no permanent funding and therefore completely rely on donations and fundraising events such as this tandem challenge.
Please sponsor us so that we can continue to provide a range of important local services for those affected by sight loss.

Challenge details:

June 11th at Horspath cycle track, Oxford, hosted by Wheels For All.

To support our riders please go to https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/OABtandem or Text TANDEM to 70460 to donate £10* or call us on 01865 725595.

*Texts cost £10 plus one standard rate message

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