Orcam My Eye glasses on demo at OAB:

Orcam glasses and case

We are very proud to be demonstrating the Orcam My Eye glasses. These glasses enable visually impaired people to quickly read printed material plus recognise faces and objects.

To find out more please visit or call us on 01865 725595 to book a demonstration.




Choose us as your Co-op local cause

OAB have been chosen as one of The Co-op’s local causes, if you are a Co-op member, please remember to choose OAB. To do this log in to the members area by following the link: Co-Op members area.





  • Museum touch tours – Oxford University Museums offer a touch tour for people with visual impairments once a month, to find out more CLICK HERE 
  • ActivEyes – a group for active visually impaired people from across Oxfordshire. The group would be pleased to meet anyone who wishes to attend and welcomes suggestions for future activities. Contact for more details.
  • Oxfordshire Sports Partnership – organise events for people with disabilities, including the visually impaired.
  • Summertown Stars Visually Impaired Football – Train once a month.  Open to all ages and all abilities.  It’s great fun.  Meet new friends, learn a new skill or improve on existing skills.  Cost: FREE.  If interested please contact Jo Kalies on 07867 646503 or email